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Now I'm scared. And amused since I'm not like this.

Your result for The Serial Killer Test...

David Berkowitz

Your personality matches Criminal Profile 40816###.

"I am deeply hurt by your calling me a woman hater. I am not. But I am a monster. I am the 'Son of Sam.' I am a little brat.

When father Sam gets drunk he gets mean. He beats his family. Sometimes he ties me up to the back of the house. Other times he locks me in the garage. Sam loves to drink blood.

'Go out and kill,' commands father Sam."


Your personality type matches the criminal profile of David Berkowitz: Son of Sam.

He was always big for his age and always felt different and less attractive than his peers. All through his youth he was uncomfortable with other people. He did have one sport, baseball, which he played well.

His neighbors remember him as a nice-looking boy but with a violent streak, a bully who assaulted neighborhood kids for no apparent reason. He was hyperactive and very difficult for Pearl and Nat to control.

Even before the murders began, David had set some 1,488 fires in the city of New York and kept a diary of each one. He was acting out a control fantasy.

His landlords owned a noisy dog that howled frequently. The neighborhood dogs howled back. In David's diseased mind demons lived within the dogs and their howling was the way they ordered David to go hunting for blood; the blood of pretty young women.

Berkowitz was driven to the edge: "I'd come home to Coligni avenue like at six-thirty in the morning. It would begin then, the howling. On my days, off, I heard it all night, too. It made me scream. I used to scream out begging for the noise to stop. It never did.

"The demons never stopped. I couldn't sleep. I had no strength to fight. I could barely drive. Coming home from work one night, I almost killed myself in the car. I needed to sleep....The demons wouldn't give me any peace."

He killed half a dozen people and wounded several others as a result of his madness.

While you may or may not be capable of performing the horrific acts he did, you loosely resemble (with some obvious exceptions) his criminal profile based upon your general motivations, preferences and behavior patterns.

Yeah, I've got you pretty well figured out by now.
You're into my style, so check out my fashion.

(Don't worry about losing your place on OkCupid. It will stay open in a separate window)

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So, I'm trying to to study but have ended up procrastinating and searching the net for Bleach mpreg. Instead I stumbled over this... (And omg, where did the Mpreg archive go?! The page just says that it's 'suspended'!!!)

(I wanna read that doujin now. And draw Miro all preggers.)
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Your result for Are You Obsessed With Harry Potter?...

Harry Potter Obsessed

61% Obsessed!

You are obsessed with Harry Potter and you are proud of it. You adore the books, have seen the movies a couple of times (even if you hated them) and own some of the merchendise. Your heart thumps a little louder when you hear the words; magic, Harry, or wizard. You visit a few internet sites regularly, and may have dabbled with fanfiction, however, you do have a life outside of Harry Potter. When your friends laugh at you and your Harry Potter posters you join in the joke, but you secretly wish that you could fly a broomstick.


Harry What? ~ You Like Harry Potter ~ Not Quite Obsessed .. But Close ~ Harry Potter Obsessed ~ Unnaturally Harry Potter Obsessed ~ Obsessive Harry Potter Disorder.

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Who would have thought? XD

Your result for The Which Shakespeare Play Are You? Test...

Romeo & Juliet

You scored 33% = Tragic, 31% = Comic, 58% = Romantic, 15% = Historic

You are the Tragedy of Romeo and Juliet. Perhaps one of Shakespeare's most memorable works, Romeo and Juliet tells the story of two star-crossed lovers of warring families and their untimely deaths in each other's arms. What your score tells us about you is that you are most likely a romantic person who is willing to go to extremes for the ones you love. For this, your family and friends love and respect you (even if they may tease you from time to time). While you may be a bit of a fickle-heart, you are also a spontaneous and adventurous person with a big heart and a lot of love to give. We certainly love you, and we're sure that a lot of other people do too!

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LiveJournal Username
Why you did it
Your lair
Your hideous secret weapon
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Beautiful and exotic but deadly eastern lieutenantjenerik_brand
Henchperson who constantly plays with knifessara_the_lazy
Your perverted scientific geniuspica_scribit
You cordon bleu chefpiratequeen0405
Lieutenant with serious moral qualmssalomesensei
Number of countries subverted6
This Fun Quiz created by Andrew at BlogQuiz.Net
Watch cool car videos including BMW Videos at Car-Videos.Biz

*sigh* I miss Liz. She always fuelled my perversion so good. Not that you all don't do that!*hugs f-list*
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Your FMA Horoscope (Girls version) by Ryo_Hakkai
Your username
You will fall in love withWrath
Person you must avoidGluttony. Only if you are short of money.
Beware ofA falling flying cow resulted from a freak alchemic transmutation incident.
Money issueNone! You're broke. Guess you have to curb on your habit of spending on the good stuff.
LuckBad. Your house, car, and everything is lost due to a freak nature accident. Someone came over and ate all of them when you're not at home.
My adviceMake friends. Be friendly. Why, be like Hughes do. Introduce your perfect family to EVERYONE. And i mean EVERYONE. World peace, everyone!


Jan. 24th, 2009 05:41 pm
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This afternoon's figureskating Euro champs ladies free really kept me glued to my seat. And by the end I could but gasp.

Laura Lepistö won! She like totally nailed it. OMG. She was on the lead after the short already and kept her cool and just... won. Wow. I sorta would have expected either Pöykiö or Korpi to do but she simply came last season and started to win, being second(third) in last years EC too (or was it WC? Anyway...)

Laura Lepistö                                                                                    Susanna Pöykiö

Very OMG, indeed. Carolina Kostner, Italy, 2007&2008 European champion, came second by only 1.8 points, having been 5 points behind Lepistö and Pöykiö after the short (with Pöykiö second, only two points or so after Lepistö)... And then Pöykiö third. It was amazing to watch the award ceremony, the people stood up and sang our national anthem as it was played when they hoisted up the flags. Wow. Our only European figureskating gold was from dance in 1995. Wow. OMG. (Korpi was 5th, all Finnish ladies being in the top 5! She might have been able to get even to battle for the Bronze had she not fallen over and went against the side of the rink at the beginning of her free, she did gather herself together and continue.)

Now I'm all in envy that my roomie got to see the competition on the spot, having been there in Helsinki. Ah well, I couldn't afford the tickets anyway.

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What dog breed are you? I'm a Golden Retriever! Find out at

We had a golden retriever when I was young.^-^
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So, as this meme has been around and cos I'm bored and pre-pms exasperated/lazy/listless, I thought why don't I make it too?

Inu fave meme )

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So, after much debating (and coaxing my scanner and pencil), I present you the visuals of girl!Inu. XD By this all I refer to my week 34 iyhed fic where I turned Inu into a girl.^-^ I kinda like sketching him, might even go for a fullfledged colour pic. (Also, I believe this might just be the first year when my first sketches in January are fanart!)

Some nudity under here... )


Dec. 31st, 2008 03:29 pm
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Not all of this will work, per say. Especially the Folklore part since that's one of the things I study...

Certainly giggle-worthy, though.

In 2009, saraste_impi resolves to...
Buy new screentones.
Get back in contact with some old mercenaries.
Eat more ficlets.
Give some faeries to charity.
Learn to play the insomnia.
Spend less time on folklore.

Get your own New Year's Resolutions:
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This made me giggle...

On the twelfth day of Christmas, saraste_impi sent to me...
Twelve movies drumming
Eleven pirates writing
Ten ficlets a-fangirling
Nine drabbles drawing
Eight screentones a-reading
Seven faeries a-travelling
Six mercenaries a-knitting
Five elve-e-e-es
Four vampires
Three nice dragons
Two weasley twins
...and a wolfstar in a wolfram's pink frilly nihgtie.
Get your own Twelve Days:

My Tuesday

Dec. 17th, 2008 12:27 am
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Need I say more?

Got a package notice, walked 20 mins both ways to the post office and back, thinking it was my manga from that came in. And it was my dvd order... Torchwood Series One. Come here, Jack baby! (And Gwen is hot too, as is Tosh. And Ianto and Owen...^.^)

Was surprised since I'd been informed the package wouldn't make it before Christmas. And it did! \o/ Yay!
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Dear Santa...

Dear Santa,

This year I've been busy!

In February I ruled Asscrackistan as a kind and benevolent dictator (700 points). Last Tuesday I caught a purse-snatcher who stole [ profile] britneylaws's purse (30 points). Last Friday I didn't flush (-1 points). In September I pushed [ profile] lynx212 in the mud (-17 points). Last Saturday I gave [ profile] jidaitime_watch a life-saving blood transfusion (50 points).

Overall, I've been nice (762 points). For Christmas I deserve a Sony Playstation 3!


Write your letter to Santa! Enter your LJ username:

XD I don't even know how to play a playstation! (I wanted Inuyasha and Miroku for Christmas, there must've been an err! And where's my Captain Jack Harkness???)


Dec. 14th, 2008 02:06 am
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So, were having people over tomorrow. Tomorrow is the anniversary of the day when I got my baby home. She's going to be pampered, got her delicious kitty food.^^

Anyway. People coming over. And guess who had to clean the apartment? And bake? And who'll need to wash the toilet before anyone comes tomorrow because she was too tired to do it today? Me! \o/ And roomie did not lift a finger while I slaved away. I put around 4 hours of my day into it all and what does she do? Sits in her room reading Deathly Hallows! Dammit! Doesn't she think I'd not rather have done that?! Fuck...

I've been so busy that I've not even had time to read the latest FMA I got. *cries* Which I'm so going to do now since I've got my fics done. I need to know what happens!

(She never cleans anyway until I nag for days so I shouldn't have been surprised. Can't get my own place soon enough. *siiiigh*)

And of course my muffins didn't rise as they should have, the cake actually did come out rather nicely. Should have had time to moisten it tonight so it would have been ready for tomorrow. Will do it first thing in the morning...


Dec. 10th, 2008 05:47 pm
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Oh yay, got an email all 'Ihre Bestellung wurde versandt'!^^ Means that my manga order from Germany has been sent. (Yes, I read manga in German, it's a bit cheaper than the English stuff and they have the biggest range of titles in the EU, I think I once read...)

Got myself a little Ouran, Puri Puri and the rest of Kizuna. Am still in need of a proper look-through on the newer German licenced yaoi/shounen-ai. And damn if I wish that there'd be some more By the Sword from Sanami Matoh! And the rest of Nitta's Embracing Love would have been fine too but they're all sold out and there won't be reprints since the whole plagiarism fiasco made her company freeze all her work...*pouts*

But anyway... Am happy that I might even get my manga before Christmas, wasn't expecting to. Ordered Torchwood series 1 from but didn't yet get the second series, I'm hoping the prize might drop (as I'm paying £17 from one and then would need to pay £50something from the other...) 

My pretty pretty manga! I still have some new ones (the last three of FY I got months ago and 20+21 of Furuba that I still need to find the time to read. Am hoping to cram them in somewhere aling the line. Am pressed for the Christmas cards which I keep on postponing in doing and I need to post them by the end of the week, would also be nice if I could find the time to finish reading for my exam on Friday. *siiiigh*)

Anyway, manga!*squees*
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It needed to be visible! *squishes the boys*

Under cut! All Inuyasha! (OMG, obsession?!LOL) )

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So here's a list of what I'll hope to get new chapters for during this month. I don't have school anymore and after a 50K month writing about 1-2K for each (yes, my chapters are kind short, though I think some might go up to 3K, actually) shouldn't be that hard. And I get the feeling I've missed some chapter fic I think...

They're kinda in the order I'll hopefully be doing them (in the order of how long it's been since I updated first) though I think the slash will come first.

Beatitude 02 
Consequences 08
Bound 07
Disjointed Hearts 03
Mending 03 (?)
The Pain in My Heart 14
My Precious 05

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Mwahahahaa! Fear my evil ways! XD

Raw evil score: 24.44%


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