Nov. 16th, 2008 04:29 pm
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Sick and tired of it. I never did use to frequent it all that much. Well I did at one point. But there's been so many great artists banned on account of tracing and not following the TOS (in cases where it seems they have been the unlucky victims of trolls and control whores who --- Grrr...).

Anyway. Just needed to vent about that. I've never been one to go to art sites that much to begin with (have a very dead elfwood gallery and somewhat unsused dA account, don't even start me on dA)... Would be nice to find some place where I could get critiques and stuff. I'm still poking at paperdemon.com with a long stick, though it seems more than satisfactory. ^^

I do have an art jounal here on LJ *HINTHINTHINT* [livejournal.com profile] cherryprint but I always feel so lazy about updating it. It's a bit bad since I do like and love art as my outlet alongside with my writitng. I think the biggest problem is the lack of fanart. I love to do original stuff (with a once big thing for Miroku in a skirt, getting back to that kind of fan art...) but I can do a bit fan art on the side too.


And after I crunch out my 500 words I will so draw Inuyasha with those braids! I will!

Art School

Aug. 23rd, 2007 11:32 pm
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So, I've attended art school once a week for two years now. Classes started again just. It was really nice. A lot of new faces but some old missing, like my sister who forgot it started today!XD, and some really nice girls whom I hope haven't decided to quit.

It was nice to just paint in my own pace and with time. It's incredibly relaxing. Gods I've missed it!

Our teacher gave us two different choices as possible options for a piece : 'Twins' or 'Secret Garden'. I chose twins. When I had painted almost most of the painting except the face (the colours are flat and there won't be any shadings and I did it on aclyrics, which are fast) when this woman, I can never remember her name asks 'Is that 'girl love'? To her the two girls, dressed in black and white, supposed to be siblings, seemed like a couple getting ready for marriage vows. Maybe there is that angle, I don't know... But it's not intentional.

And her use of the term 'girl love' was quite endearing to me. I do know why. There are all sorts of euphemisms some people use, I myself have grown a tad sick on all the terms. It's all so dualistic and opposing. It's always 'Us' and 'Them'. But sometimes euphemisms in these matters can be a hindrance. I had some major misunderstandings about how my mum thinks when she kept going on and on about 'friendship between women'...

But anyways. Art was fun and the red acrylic looked delightfully like blood.

And I'm being genuinely tired at 11.44 pm, which is a good thing. Now I'll just indulge in a quick peek at todays read_hp and then succumb to the comforts of my bed with 'Partners in Crime' and turn off the lights early. And maybe a little read of a long Inuyasha fic I found on AFF. It's quite addicting, and not even slash! My, where is the world going to???

Pretty boy

Mar. 19th, 2007 01:36 pm
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I have too much fun with screentones sometimes...
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A work in progress... Scrounged this up somewhere to play with in Gimp... Loving screentones too much....


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