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Give me a prompt, fandom and characters and I'll write a fic (300-500 words) or draw (attempt anyway) a pic. I'm taking requests until next Tuesday (20th) and posting the stuff as I finish. I reserve the right to ask you to change the fandom if it's not one I'm familiar with. I'll also do stuff about my original characters, not that anyone will ask, since I don't talk about 'em much.

Also, last change to get a Holiday card from me! I'm taking adresses until tomorrow. After that, no wintery cards. Unless you wanna exchange cards and letters during the year (I'm stealing the idea from [ profile] sweet_gardenia, sorry!).

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Hello f-list people!*hugs*

Now, who wants a Christmas/Yule/Solstice/(insert holiday here) card? I'm going to send out some this year too since I did last year and making them and sending them out was so nice, I like to spread some happiness around the holidays.

So just comment (comments screened) with your address or send me a message or email me at and I'll put you on my list. And if you want a specific kind of card please specify.

I'm not a Christian anyway so as default a holiday card from me never contains religious stuff like angels and churches, more like wintery stuff, snow and pagan (originally until they got stolen!) Yule emblems like Christmas trees and stuff. Though I've not yet made the cards (I do them by hand) so I have no idea what'll be on them...) Also, living where I do, there might be some Christmas elves (tonttuja) as Santa Claus (Joulupukki) originates from here (Korvatunturi...)

Also, feel free to ask my address if you want... ^.^

EDIT Last chance! I'll be sending them out by Wednesday so if you still want one, say so before that, 'kay?^^


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