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First of all, thank you so much for writing a yule tide fic for me! <3 I'm so pleased.

And now, for a little something about my fandoms, I'll try to keep it brief. In regards to all my fandoms or any fic I would received I have one request: no dark fic and no bodily-fluids-related things (vampires are excempt from this rule), so no  also NO DEATH FIC (unless it's vampires and even then I'd like not to get a gore-fest) and no gore.

Maybe I could get a holiday themed fic, if you're so inclined? Seeing Temeraire enjoying some holiday cheer, for instance?


Stand Still Stay Silent

I only started reading this wonderful comic this August (was it July?) at the behest of my sister and instantly fell in love. I adore the premise and I'm tickled that it's set in the Nordics, myself being a Finn. I have a special place in my heart for Lalli and Emil and for there to be some fluffsy happenings, maybe something including the pocket-kitty?


This is also a relatively fandom for me as I read the first book sometime in 2014. I like the canon to an extent, the premise is brilliant but I don't really like all the "Lawrence is a traitor" stuff which followed him and Temeraire taking the cure for the dragon plague into the continent. So maybe I could get something in that vein? Like and AU but without the dragon plague. Or a silly slice of life.

Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries

When I first started watching this series I began writing Phryne/Dot femslash in my head.


Over the course of four years I analyzed and dissected this novella to bits academically and yet I still adore it to pieces. Le Fanu's canon doesn't give Laura and Carmilla enough space. And I love to see them happy. Canon fix-it?

Call the Midwife

Canon fix-it. The car accident never happened, they get to live in that sweet lil' flat and Patsy gets her happy ending. Maybe their first Christmas together? Or happy snuggly naked-in-bed times? Or both?


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