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So here's a list of what I'll hope to get new chapters for during this month. I don't have school anymore and after a 50K month writing about 1-2K for each (yes, my chapters are kind short, though I think some might go up to 3K, actually) shouldn't be that hard. And I get the feeling I've missed some chapter fic I think...

They're kinda in the order I'll hopefully be doing them (in the order of how long it's been since I updated first) though I think the slash will come first.

Beatitude 02 
Consequences 08
Bound 07
Disjointed Hearts 03
Mending 03 (?)
The Pain in My Heart 14
My Precious 05


Aug. 15th, 2008 07:17 pm
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Man! I hadn't realized how much I write until I updated [profile] quills_n_ink. I hadn't updated since sometime around April and posted about 20 or so drabbles at least.

And all of it inumir! Obsession, anyone?


Feb. 19th, 2008 12:12 pm
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My fan fiction can be found outside of lj at Adultfanfiction and .

My fanfics at LJ are posted to various comms and most can be found on my new writing journal [ profile] saraste_fiction , it also houses my original fiction. I have a visual journal for my art at [ profile] cherryprint .

I mod for [ profile] inumir , [ profile] koumiro , [ profile] sesshymiroku ,[ profile] inuyasha_mpreg ,[ profile] feudalthreeways  and [ profile] 30crossdressed (Can you see a pattern here?*giggle*) If they tickle your fancy, I do recommend checking them out.
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I dun get it, Mending has been up over at AFF.Net for aaages now, well a few days and no-one has commented.... Argh, I get so depressed when people don't comment.

Unexpected, on the other hand has been quite popular over at y! gaining favs but no comments. Bleagh! It annoys me, I always comment over there when I fav someone's work.

I think that if I don't hear back from Caitriona, my beta for TPIMH, during this weekend I'm gonna post it unbeta'd, or harass Shinimegamisan until she'll agree to beta for that too...
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I've now updated My Inuyasha darkfic The Pain in My Heart over at [profile] quills_n_ink. I've already uploaded all of Consequences, Bound and the earlier chapters of TPIMH there.
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As experienced from the thing with 'Bound' I've decided to have a journal completely for my fics only. It's called [profile] quills_n_ink and I'll be uploading all of my current series into it. But I'll still post notices here of new fics. So if you'd all just add that to your friends list, thanks.


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