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2007-04-18 12:33 am (local) (link) Track This
OOTP is the longest, and maybe my favorite if I could just get rid of a certain thing that happens. ;)

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It could be my favourite, were it not for Umbridge and 'the thing' in the end. *sigh* Maybe I could just end it before the ending? Well there's always fanfiction where everything is mostly well most of the time.

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2007-04-18 12:52 am (local) (link) Track This
As much as Umbridge made me throw socks at the dog our smack myself in the head with a pillow, she's one of the reasons that I like that book so much. It's the whole Umbridge vs. Hogwarts bits that make me even admit that Order of the Phoenix was a real book.

I'm in complete denial about the 'thing' at the end. I keep holding out hope that somehow the 'thing' will turn out not to really be a 'thing' in Deathly Hallows and that the person it happened will be okay.

Like I said, complete denial.

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2007-04-18 01:06 am (local) (link) DeleteTrack This
I'll have to see if I change my opinion on that. I've only read OOtP properly one time and have lost most of the details that JK throws around like crazy.

Me too. The 'thing' never happened. I even have a badge that says that 'the person to whom the thing happened will be doing something that will prove that the 'thing' didn't in all actuality take place at all'. XD

If the 'thing' will be confirmed to have been happened the way it seemed to have had happened in OOtP in Deathly Hallows I might just cry. As I did on a particular passage on OOtP.

Me too, denial is there, heavy as a rock.

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This was all mostly due to us trying to be cryptic because the community should even try to stay to stay spoiler free.
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"Did you really blow up your aunt, Harry?" said Hermione in a very serious voice.
"I didn't mean to," said Harry, while Ron roared with laughter. "I just -- lost control."
"It's not funny, Ron," said Hermione sharply.

Page whatever, J.K Rowling: HP and the Prisoner of Azkaban
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Reading the books through one last time in anticipation of the 7th.

I'm having so much fun reading through the threads at [profile] read_hp ... The drama and the memories. It's a good community to live things through with.

So, my impressions...

First mention of Sirius. Yay! "Young Sirius Black lent it me." p.16, chpt. 1
The famous opening line: "Mr and Mrs Dursley of number four, Privet Drive, were proud to say that they were perfectly normal, thank you very much". p.1, ch.1. 

I learned to hate the Dursleys. Poor Harry.

And, my first time with the book :

I remember that line too. Sitting on my cousins bedroom with the book in my hands, a skeptical 17-year-old regarding 'that whole Potter business' as only for children. I opened the book and fell in love.

And the rest is history. (filled with fangirl squeals, sugar high, sleepless nights, holidays and the most fun I ever had in math(that was Azkaban)..)

I cut this from my comment on the group.

'S all tonight darlings, nighty night!

And on a very chipper note... I've reserved my copy of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows on a local bookstore! *bounced up a and down*
I was all bouncy and squealy and grinning like mad afterwards. And then on my way home I noted I'd given them partly a wrong address... I gave them the wrong house letter. I used to live in '1 B' and now I live in '76 A' and gave them '76 B'... sheesh..


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