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Went and collected my ticket for next friday for GOF today. Am seething that they're only showing a night premiere at 0.01 on thurday/friday night in Helsinki.. I mean, wtf? If it was Lotr... Hmm, the night premieres were quite nice.

This year I'm seeing the new HP movie without friends, the last time was with POA. Hope there won't be too much teens there. I'd like to have a shirt proclaiming WOLFSTAR or SIRIUS LIVES! or something like that but I'm quite broke this month. But now I have the ticket.. and the 21st is only two weeks away.. *squeal*

So GOF, next friday, 15.30. Hope it's good.

Read HP

Jun. 15th, 2007 08:31 pm
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I don't wanna read tomorrows chapters for [profile] read_hp , I just want so badly to skip them and pretend nothing happens. 'Behind the Veil' is one of the most depressing chapters in all the HP books. But I refuse to believe it's the end of it all, I still have hope. I know that refusing to read the chapter won't help, won't make it less real. Oh Sirius...

And book 6 starts off on Monday... The final book is ever nearing. I'm not fussing about the movie, though I've reserved my ticket already for the first showing in my town...


Mar. 31st, 2007 12:19 am
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Just read the first two chappies for [profile] read_hp. I'm so in love with this book. It must be my 8th re-read or something and still it feels fresh and I find new things.

1.The very first paragraph of the book is love. It's so cool and defines Harry and teh books.
2. Sirius!!!
3. I hate aunt Marge vehemently. Harry was right to blow her up, the bitch. She is a horrible, mad person to speak of anyone like she does of Harry's parents.
4. Ron's telephone call was teh lol. XD
5. Poor Harry
6. Harry's angsting and the end of chappie two...


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