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Surprised, happy and surprised by this. LOVE the banner.^^

Title: Every Sick Hentai Has His Dream
Author: Saraste
Fandom: Inuyasha
Characters: Miroku, Inuaysha, Hacchi
Rating: Adult++
Summary: Miroku has a fantasy...
Wordcount: 1054
Warnings: I really really don't want to spoil you. C'mon, it's Miroku and his perverted imaginings!
A/N: I do not believe I have written such kink before.*blushes*

Fic - Lost

Aug. 12th, 2008 02:08 pm
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Title: Lost
Author: Saraste
Fandom: Inuyasha
Series: Precious, part 1
Pairing: Mir/Inu
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: angst, slightly hinty mpreg...
Worcount: 300
A/N: It's been raining for most of the day. I was inspired.

Drabble )
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Title: His Win
Author: Saraste
Pairing: inumir
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: fluff
Genre: slash, shounen-ai
Wordcount: 300
A/N: Inspired by my recent swimming experiences.
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Title: Stolen Moments
Author: Saraste
Fandom: Inuyasha
Pairing: inumir
Rating: G
Warnings: mpreg, fluff
wordcount: 232
kink fest # 12 devotion
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Title: Damaged
Author: Saraste
Pairing: MirInu
Rating: R
Warnings: excess fluff, angst
30 forbidden fruits theme #9 past
wordcount: 492
A/N: This came out a bit too poetic for me I think. Also it veers on the line between fanfic and original. Grrr. I'm exasperated with the way I write, lately. This is for Liz.

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inuyasha and miroku kiss
Well ain't they fluffy?


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