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Oct. 19th, 2008 09:52 pm
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Yes, I'm imitating many a writer before me and made a comm for my fics and originals... Can be found at [ profile] saraste_fiction . I'm not yet sure if I'll ever post any of my older stuff there from [ profile] quills_n_ink but we'll see. It's just easier to post into a comm than a separate account, you know?....

And while I'm on the subject... If you have any interest in original, easily palatable vampire fiction, head over to [ profile] vampfiction , the comm seriously needs more love (read: entries). Here endeth the pimping.

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So I watched/wasted my time on 'King Arthur' on Sunday. (Ok, so I drew and scanned pics during so I wasn't actively concentrating on it..)
And well, knights of the round table and all that... And was a bit down/in the mood to kill people in fiction ---> tadah!

Disclaimer: I own these characters! And I reserve every right to torture them as I wish.. *mad cackle*
Warnings: malexmale relationship, mpreg, character death, major angst, low-key fluff..

Gwynne )
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Summary: a vampire, a human man, bloodlust, NC-17(no buttsex, but still..), violence, pain... homoerotic undertones.. whatever... I suck at summaries tonight.. Set in my Before Dawn story/universe of vampires..
Disclaimer: This is a work of original fiction. The characters depicted herein are my property, you steal and I will hunt you down and set Jonathan to bite you and drink you dry!

Passion )
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Fiction : Original
Pairing: Gwen and Nicholas


”Am I.. am I only a picture on a mantle-piece for her?” Gwen asked, her voice faltering, seeking the strong assurance of her husbands that held her close.

”No..” He whispered softly into her hair. ”She knows how fair you were and how your smile lit up an entire room. How you looked when you had orange blossoms in your hair. How your hair swriled in the breeze on a hot summers day and how your laughter brought it out in others. And how you cried, unwilling to leave even temporarily..and never returned...”

Gwen welled up and hugged him fiercely.
”Oh, Nicky, chérie.. I'm sorry, I'm so sorry.. Mon amour, ma coeur... Je ne te quitte jamais, jamais..”.


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