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I have a fever...

It's now 22.46 and I'm gonna go to bed to read Coetzee's 'Boyhood'. I'm entrance examing for English Phil on Tuesday Morning... I hope not to feel like crap by then. But I don't see it happening since currently I have a) a fever, b)my head feels stuffed, c)my throat hurts and d) my nose is running. And of course I have no appetite.

By the rate I've been sick and the with additional on and off eating problems during the last over three months I'm worrying I'll develop an eating disorder. Which isn't good. I just think that my health is crappy just now and that's why I'm so easy to catch any virus that comes my way. I'm so glad I only have six hours worth of classes the first period since I couldn't probably manage more. If I don't get to read English, that is. And I'm trying to work room for women studies and  art history into my schedule. But it's a drag since the first art history class is thrice a week and overlaps literature two of those times and womens studies would be the same time as my two lit lectures. So then I'd have both lit and women and art history studies on tuesdays from 10-12 and lit, women studies and art history on thursdays from 10-12.

Or something.

My head's killing me with all the hazy.

Gonna lie down now.


Jul. 11th, 2007 11:29 pm
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I have a cold, in frigging mid-June! Life isn't fair. I hope it passes and I don't have to go to see OotP with my head feeling stuffed... Grr.
Damn country, the premiere's not until friday here. Though had it been today I wouldn't have made it. Will go to bed early today, hope I have no fever.

Stil sick

Apr. 8th, 2007 10:37 am
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I'm going to go back home (was there yesterday and last night, only at my place now to tape FMA, I'm such a hapless fangirl...) after FMA today and let my mum coddle me for all it's worth. I lost me voice this morning and did finally develop the fever I knew would come eventually. My mum doesn't want me to cough my lungs out in my small, dreary and lonely room at the apartment I'm sharing. And once I agree with her. Besides, I'll get the chance to coddle my little kitty Lilli, well as much as she lets me.

I'll try to revise for my french exam, it's on thursday.. damn our teacher for not letting us have a holiday for ***** sake!  And  I'll also try and learn some of the kanji I've neglected, and learn to write katakana, which I never could. ;)

But well, I'll be off. After FMA, of course.


Apr. 5th, 2007 12:55 am
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I'm sick!!! *dies*

My head feels like it's full of something nasty, my nose is full of it too, my head spins, I feel faint, exhausted and have a mild fever. And this is topped with a case of rabid slah fangirling which is making me want to write a Fred/Harry fic. Just look at chapter 9 of Azkaban and you know what I'll mean. 

*sniffle* Now I'm going to bed. I hate being sick.


Apr. 4th, 2007 09:56 am
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Damn, where's my depressed/down avatar? Ahh, nevermind..

So, woke up sick this morning. No fever but my throat hurts.. much. I was planning on going to my first class but decide against it since my throat is slowly trying to kill me and my head feels heavy. I guess breakfast was the last of what I'll prolly eat today since I didn't even feel hungry eating that, appetite's gone, yay!

So, missing one of my nicer classes, thought the subject today would've been graffiti which I'm not so much into so it's not so big of a deal I guess. But, will have to go to my least favourite class on the afternoon. And only because I've already been away so much that the teacher is already lowering my number by half a grade. But then, easter holiday! No classes until next Thrusday but then I have an exam, at 8.15 in the morning. Argh!!!

Think I will use my time to type now that I'll be home. I really don't feel like laying down since I'd probably fall asleep and make me miss that class.

But I still have to go to town and visit our residents office before my class on the afternoon, and then I'll be able to curl up in bed. I'm so happy I don't have to get up early tomorrow. And: happyhappy, today's the day at least two manga's should be out. And I'll have the money to buy more School Rumble. But I'm very hard trying not to waste all my money at once. It'll have to tide me over the next four weeks and I don't want to have to ask my parents for money, again. I think I managed that only in February this year and in January too and that with two booksales in middle January and with money gotten from my granny for Christmas and then for my birthday in February. And that gift certificate I got from my mom's old friend who's also my sis' godmother. I'm still amazed how I managed to use only half of that on books and the rest on food. No wait, okay so I did use more of it on books than food. Maybe I should get some new yarns, I'm dying to make long striped socks since I've seen so many in pictures all over the art sites I frequent.  You could say I have a sort of fetish for them... Which reminds me, that one naughty pic of Inuaysha with nothing on except for socks is still unfinished..

You'd think that I could be sick the proper way and just curl up in bed as normal people do and sleep to get better with rest but no. As you can see, that won't be the case. I'm not thanking myself tomorrow. Nor during the weekend since I'll be going to my parents for easter and mummy-dearest won't let me leave until on monday or even on tuesday the latest if I'm sick when I go home. So hoping to get better.

Damn it, can't taste the tar flavour o my coffee properly!!! Damn!


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