Jun. 24th, 2011 11:38 am
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I've now gotten all of the courses I did in 2010-2011 marked into the registry!^-^ I got an A on my vampire course! *swoons in academic glee*
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I feel so... annoyed really. I'm supposed to make a short paper on fan-culture for my class next wednesday. And supposedly I should use some material for it.

Thing is, there ain't hardly any.. *pout* Why was I ever so eager to do it on fan-culture? Why? I could've chosen something easy like children's tradition or something but noooo, I had to be so exited and go all 'I wanna do fan culture, please, sensei, please!'. (Well not word to word like that.. and didn't call me teacher sensei either..)

So now I'm stuck with no reference material in book form since it's such a small specialty and facing the possibility of having to go through some Finnish fan pages. It feels weird since I'm so much on all-English pages. I've never even gone to the biggest Finnish HP-fan site. I don't know why my fangirlism is so 'English'.

But ah well, will spend the next few hours watching the figure skating championships on tv, it's the women's short program today (Go Kiira and Susanna! And Sebastyen too!) and then I'll pop into the library (to get the only  book on the subject there is in any of our uni libraries) and go to a post office before the ice dancing free program in the evening. Hmm, I should buy some food too since I don't wanna eat pea soup the whole week-end. Maybe some crushed tomatoes or something and some pasta and then I can make some nice tomato-kidney bean sauce kind of food with pasta tomorrow.

Okay, ranting now. Stopping and going to eat breakfast.


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