The Hobbit

Apr. 13th, 2011 11:04 pm
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I am excited. This is not LOTR, I know, but still exciting. Nice to have something to look forward to after DH 2. While I don't agree on all the plot-changes in the LOTR movies I still say that Peter Jackson is a great moviemaker. Also, there were some publicity shots and man has that guy lost some weight! Knew some of the casting choices before, hope I can see past Richard Armitages past role work that I've seen (I've only so far seen him in Robin Hood (the 2006 BBC series) and in a tv movie in ITV's Marple series.) Other than that, I've not seen anyone in anything except Martin Freeman (Bilbo). Andy Serkis as Gollum, hmm...

And the expected squee: Sir Ian McKellen still reprising his role as Gandalf. Just love his acting to bits.
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We were watching the news with roommie and one of the news items was.... *drummroll* That they are going to make a film, actually two, of Hobbit!!!

*insert insanely happy  fangirl activity here*

My only trouble with it is that it seems Peter Jackson won't be directing. But as long as he produces and as long as (pleasepleaseplease) Howard Shore does the music and Ian McKellen reprises his role I shall be happy. Oooh, wonder if Serkis will reprise his role too???

And no, it does not have Legolas in it... *sigh* But the whole thing will be some years in coming. It's nice, though, after DH I really had nothing to wait for all fangirlishly. Now I have. I'm almost as giddy as when I first read sometime back in -99 that they'd be doing LOTR.

YAY!!! *throws confetti all around*


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