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I'd like to state how proud I am of myself for cranking out my allotted 1667 for Day 21 before 4.15pm. Did a little while drinking my morning coffee around noon and did the rest after a rather nice talk/walk out in the nice wintery weather (SNOW!) with roomie E. I sat myself down and said, 'No, self , you may not make dinner before you type at least 500.' That soon became 800 and then I burst past 35K kinda easy.

We'll see how big of a dent the weekend will put on me reaching 38K by Sunday night. I'm not taking Nozomi with (since my room back home is still much of a chaos and since Clodia is kept there when I'm home with Nekku ever since the nasty tail biting incident in the Summer and it smells. Which means my weekend at home will be spent in front of the TV or trying to get comfy in the room where the TV isn't (the floorplan of our house used to have a bigger distinction between living room and the 'little room' as we called it, basically it's two conjoined rooms now with half a wall (dry wall?) dividing the space a bit) with a book. I will be taking my notebook and sketch pad with, of course. And my knitting. Hope I can have a walk with mom on Saturday before the promised snow on Sunday (and hope I don't get snowed in since I really need to get back into town for Monday).

35133 / 50000 words. 70% done!

I'll be sharing some first snow photos tomorrow before I leave if I remember. Now I'm just gonna finish my crossdressing for [ profile] iy_boyslove !<3
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So I went and I waded through the snow. Revelled in the numbing feel of being so deep in snow your legs turn numb. It was wonderful. Went to the woods nearby and the silence was something else... No sound of traffic save for the silent hum from across the river... White and cold everywhere.

And then I simply couldn't resist the temptation and flopped myself down on the snow just before I passed back into civilization. It was very refreshing. Amazing.

I'm going to appreciate it for as long as we get to enjoy it.

32867 / 50000 words. 66% done!


Nov. 20th, 2008 11:44 am
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I'm like a kid again. There's SNOW! Part of me likes to believe that this is it, that this snow will last us all the way to Christmas but it's unlikely. Still doesn't stop me being all kiddy. I'm gonna go do a walk out in the lovely winter weather once I'm done with breakfast (=coffee).

It rained most of the night last night. I was watching some Bleach even while I was supposed to have gone to sleep and when I changed to my jammies before three and went to the kitchen I saw all this white... Had to go get my glasses on and I saw it was snowing. Part of me wanted to just throw on a cardigan and run out into the snowfall in my jammies and slippers. Didn't, of course. But I so wanted to. (And the part of me that's a pessimist fretted over whether the snow would still be there when I woke up since Finnish weather in the winter, especially on the coast? Unpredictable. Was kinda hard going to bed and falling asleep...)

And now it's so pretty ith snow on the trees and on the grond. Now I feel all festive and more wintery. I think I'm gonna start making Christmas/Yule cards soon.^^


(And yes, it may sound odd that we get snow so late in FINLAND. That's climate change for you. And the ocean. It's like right there. I live in Turku which is on the coast, so the sea (which is not frozen up yet) gives off dampness and warms the city... less snow and stuff.)


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