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Hi! I'm not particular to any of these fandoms, really, albeit I would be delighted to read some Yotsuba&! I really like fluff, angst, humor and romance (slash, femme!slash, het), so anything with any those would be excellent. Reading about family things is always a delight, too. I don't mind reading a higher rated fic, but for these fandoms here I really wouldn't want to have anything involving underage sex or incest.

Yotsuba to! | Yotsuba&!
What I most like about this manga is the relationship between Yotsuba and her adopted father, Koiwai. They really love each other very much, and I adore Koiwai become a child again himself as he plays with Yotsuba. So I would really like to see something where they are in a family situation, just being daughter and father. If you could throw them celebrating Christmas in some fashion, which I've been waiting for, that would be nice, too. As for the other guys, I've always really liked the antagonism between Yotsuba and Yanda, as well as her friendship with Jumbo. And the way Koiwai and Takashi always side with Yotsuba against Yanda is always hilarious. G-rated fluff, please!

Northanger Abbey
My favourite Austen. I like the way Austen at the same time mocks the Gothic genre which was all the rage at her time, but at the same times uses it to her own means. Catherine Moreland is almost my favourite Austen-heroine, but the biggest kick I always get from reading her exploits is over her getting too inside into the gothic frame of mind, which leads her to imagine all sorts of things. Yet Henry Tilney's love for her, despite all her foolishness, and Eleanor's friendship are also high points for me. I would like to request something veering on naughty between Catherine and Henry, but I'm unsure if I dare. So anything from romance between Catherine and Henry or their romance plus Eleanor's friendship with Catherine would be my cup of tea.

Tiger and Bunny
Ï didn't really see their between-the-lines gay affection until very late in the series, but then it hit me with a bang. My biggest fascination with the series is Kotetsu and Barnaby's friendship/bromance/romance. I would be very happy to read something set within the bigger ongoing plot of the series or either something set during those months that Kotetsu was away from Barnaby, after his powers began to fade and before he went back to Sternbild and became a Hero again. Angst, smut, friendship, I'd take anything.


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