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Come on, I'm just a rabid nutter slash-fangirl, what do you have to fear?

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(to be written at a later date)
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First of all, thank you so much for writing a yule tide fic for me! <3 I'm so pleased.

And now, for a little something about my fandoms, I'll try to keep it brief. In regards to all my fandoms or any fic I would received I have one request: no dark fic and no bodily-fluids-related things (vampires are excempt from this rule), so no  also NO DEATH FIC (unless it's vampires and even then I'd like not to get a gore-fest) and no gore.

Maybe I could get a holiday themed fic, if you're so inclined? Seeing Temeraire enjoying some holiday cheer, for instance?


Stand Still Stay Silent

I only started reading this wonderful comic this August (was it July?) at the behest of my sister and instantly fell in love. I adore the premise and I'm tickled that it's set in the Nordics, myself being a Finn. I have a special place in my heart for Lalli and Emil and for there to be some fluffsy happenings, maybe something including the pocket-kitty?


This is also a relatively fandom for me as I read the first book sometime in 2014. I like the canon to an extent, the premise is brilliant but I don't really like all the "Lawrence is a traitor" stuff which followed him and Temeraire taking the cure for the dragon plague into the continent. So maybe I could get something in that vein? Like and AU but without the dragon plague. Or a silly slice of life.

Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries

When I first started watching this series I began writing Phryne/Dot femslash in my head.


Over the course of four years I analyzed and dissected this novella to bits academically and yet I still adore it to pieces. Le Fanu's canon doesn't give Laura and Carmilla enough space. And I love to see them happy. Canon fix-it?

Call the Midwife

Canon fix-it. The car accident never happened, they get to live in that sweet lil' flat and Patsy gets her happy ending. Maybe their first Christmas together? Or happy snuggly naked-in-bed times? Or both?
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Thank you so much in advance. I'm sure whatever you'll write, I will cherish and read with delight. *big hugs* I hope you have a happy holiday season!

I'll read much of anything but if there are sexual things in what you're writing, but please avoid all major kinks (BDSM, D/s, bringing bodilly secretions into the bedroom). Little nibbling is okay if you go with the vampires (biting and blood-drinking is a big part of the Laura&Carmilla relationship) but not a gore-fest, please. Nothing too dark, angsty is fine. I love a good romance and am a friend of fluff. Please stick to the spirit of the canon if you write about either Carmilla or Dracula, with the Mercy Thompson novels I think you have leeway to be a little more creative as Warren and Kyle are a little bit more supporting characters than limelight characters.

Here are some fandom-specific thoughts.

Carmilla by Sheridan Le Fanu

Let me say this first: I'm an academic. I've studied this novella to tatters. (Almost.) Yet I do still love it, even after spending years on writing about it. I love how Le Fanu doesn't judge Laura and Carmilla for their love, even though the traditional 19th century vampire narrative frame present in the story can only have one end, that of Carmilla's death. Yet I feel there's lot left unresolved (thought I do like the reading-between-the-lines mode of reading one has to use to read Carmilla).

Carmilla/Millarca/Mircalla is a monster in that her blood-lust drives her on, yet I feel her love for Laura is genuine, despite the psycho-babbale about a vampire choosing one special victim to "husband and govern" mentioned in the last chapter. Their love is tragic, but it doesn't have to be ugly. Also, I live in denial of Carmilla's death. And the last words of the novella leave much to interpretation.

Also, while I have read one fanfic based on Carmilla, I'd love to read more. I've written a few, but it's boring reading stuff you've written by yourself.

Dracula (Bram Stoker)

I have a sort of hate-love relationship with Dracula. It was one of the primary source texts in my MA thesis and almost lead to my not graduating because it was so hard to write about. That stemmed from me not liking the status Stoker's novel is attributed with in the realms of vampire academia but also from how the female vampires were treated in the novel.

Lucy especially. She is not given a narrative voice after her transformation into a vampire and she's dispatched in a drawn out gore-fest with rape symbolism while Dracula himself is killed inside one paragraph and almost as a by-thought. I'd love to read about vampire-Lucy's thoughts. Maybe someone finds some letters she wrote, or a diary, in the spirit of the mish-mash novel itself, which is composed of diary&journal entries, letters, telegraphs etc.

Mercy Thompson Series

As I said in my AO3 signup, I'd just love Warren filling Kyle in about his cowboying days. Maybe even taking it into the bedroom? *winkwinknudgenudge* But I'd love anything. Them being domestic. Kyle settling into life as the boyfriend of a werewolf. Cutesy stuff.
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Give me a prompt, fandom and characters and I'll write a fic (300-500 words) or draw (attempt anyway) a pic. I'm taking requests until next Tuesday (20th) and posting the stuff as I finish. I reserve the right to ask you to change the fandom if it's not one I'm familiar with. I'll also do stuff about my original characters, not that anyone will ask, since I don't talk about 'em much.

Also, last change to get a Holiday card from me! I'm taking adresses until tomorrow. After that, no wintery cards. Unless you wanna exchange cards and letters during the year (I'm stealing the idea from [ profile] sweet_gardenia, sorry!).

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Hi! I'm not particular to any of these fandoms, really, albeit I would be delighted to read some Yotsuba&! I really like fluff, angst, humor and romance (slash, femme!slash, het), so anything with any those would be excellent. Reading about family things is always a delight, too. I don't mind reading a higher rated fic, but for these fandoms here I really wouldn't want to have anything involving underage sex or incest.

Yotsuba to! | Yotsuba&!
What I most like about this manga is the relationship between Yotsuba and her adopted father, Koiwai. They really love each other very much, and I adore Koiwai become a child again himself as he plays with Yotsuba. So I would really like to see something where they are in a family situation, just being daughter and father. If you could throw them celebrating Christmas in some fashion, which I've been waiting for, that would be nice, too. As for the other guys, I've always really liked the antagonism between Yotsuba and Yanda, as well as her friendship with Jumbo. And the way Koiwai and Takashi always side with Yotsuba against Yanda is always hilarious. G-rated fluff, please!

Northanger Abbey
My favourite Austen. I like the way Austen at the same time mocks the Gothic genre which was all the rage at her time, but at the same times uses it to her own means. Catherine Moreland is almost my favourite Austen-heroine, but the biggest kick I always get from reading her exploits is over her getting too inside into the gothic frame of mind, which leads her to imagine all sorts of things. Yet Henry Tilney's love for her, despite all her foolishness, and Eleanor's friendship are also high points for me. I would like to request something veering on naughty between Catherine and Henry, but I'm unsure if I dare. So anything from romance between Catherine and Henry or their romance plus Eleanor's friendship with Catherine would be my cup of tea.

Tiger and Bunny
Ï didn't really see their between-the-lines gay affection until very late in the series, but then it hit me with a bang. My biggest fascination with the series is Kotetsu and Barnaby's friendship/bromance/romance. I would be very happy to read something set within the bigger ongoing plot of the series or either something set during those months that Kotetsu was away from Barnaby, after his powers began to fade and before he went back to Sternbild and became a Hero again. Angst, smut, friendship, I'd take anything.


Jun. 24th, 2011 11:38 am
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I've now gotten all of the courses I did in 2010-2011 marked into the registry!^-^ I got an A on my vampire course! *swoons in academic glee*

The Hobbit

Apr. 13th, 2011 11:04 pm
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I am excited. This is not LOTR, I know, but still exciting. Nice to have something to look forward to after DH 2. While I don't agree on all the plot-changes in the LOTR movies I still say that Peter Jackson is a great moviemaker. Also, there were some publicity shots and man has that guy lost some weight! Knew some of the casting choices before, hope I can see past Richard Armitages past role work that I've seen (I've only so far seen him in Robin Hood (the 2006 BBC series) and in a tv movie in ITV's Marple series.) Other than that, I've not seen anyone in anything except Martin Freeman (Bilbo). Andy Serkis as Gollum, hmm...

And the expected squee: Sir Ian McKellen still reprising his role as Gandalf. Just love his acting to bits.
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There's something I need to say. I'm known on in the fandom for my love for writing inumir. I've written lots of it, I've written quite a bit of other slash and yaoi too. But you know what is the big secret? I don't like slash at all. Never have. It's dreary, dull and not exiting at all. Come on, two good looking men having it on with each other? What is there to like? And mpreg for that matter? Never.

More ranting behind the cut. LOADS of it. )
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My offer to write fanfic for [ profile] help_japan . I went a little crazy and am offering three oneshots for the highest three bids.

I'm thinking of offering some small watercolour work in the art post, too.

Help Japan

Mar. 15th, 2011 09:42 am
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My offer for [ profile] help_japan . I went a little crazy and am offering three oneshots for the highest three bids.

I'm thinking of offering some small watercolour work in the art post, too. Will look into it after class.

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I'd rather be paid less and do fever hours than work a lot and get higher pay. ATM I work a lot and don't get paid enough. Office work is booooring! (But the benefits of working in a city office are that you can hang around and drink coffee and gossip as it's not so work!work!work! all the time... XP )

For me, the ideal amount of money earned would be so that I could pay rent, eat well, buy art supplies and books and maybe be able to travel at least once a year. Enough to pay rent and money with time to do something else while home besides being all zombie would be quite sufficient.
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I both love and hate it. I can't hate it too much cos I write it. But I hate the drama that's sometimes involved with the fandom community. No drama please, just wanna have fun and write my favourite boys having silly romances, thanks. ^-^

I also like the sort of ease it comes with, as opposed to original characters, it's 'light writing', not always of course, cos you don't have to explain every single little detail to the readers. But then you always are within the constraints, if you will, of the fandom. But that's what AU is for. XD
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I watched The Planet of the Dead, The Waters of Mars and The End of Time 1&2 today.


I want David back, dammit! I think the new guy don't even look like The Doctor. *pouts* David just always was the Doctor. Though I must admit having watched through the series and all the specials too that I liked season 2 best I think. And its not even all about David since one of my all time fave episodes is The Unquiet Dead which has Ecclestone as the Doctor (mostly I think it was cos of Evie Myles, though). (Ok I gotta give season 3 credit for having Captain Jack, I did like all the girls too in their own way Rose working best with Ten than the others. Gods Donna was so annoying sometimes! XD But good times, good times.)

I still think I'll watch the new episodes as they come since the trailer did seem a bit... interesting. Have to admit that. (And when the hell is TW season 4 coming?! And why do I wanna see that when I saw season 3 I might have become scarred for life and cried my eyes out. It can never be the same after season 3. *sniffles*

And yes, I cried. I miss David as the Doctor.
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Your result for The Fan Fiction Personality Test...

The Shipper

Slash, pairings and Playboy plot bunnies.

You are very likely female, and you very likely examine characters for their "slashability". Though you insist that your stories don't circle around love and sex between attractive characters, they do.

It is also likely familiar to you that at a certain point in your story, a character (or more) discovers that he (and rarely even she) is gay, and starts a relationship with another character.

Your fanfiction meets the taste of many, especially if your pairing happens to be between two attractive males that are straight in canon.

You probably wrote something about Harry Potter falling in love with Draco Malfoy, Legolas starting a secret romance with Aragorn or Obi Wan being a sex sklave of Han Solo. If not, you probably still consider to do it.

Take The Fan Fiction Personality Test at OkCupid

Somehow I knew I'd be getting this result... LOL!
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Nothing major, really. Just some removing of people I had no idea anymore who they were or with whom I think I don't have common interests with. I'm also thinking about doing two custom groups, one for fandom and one for writing, as Socnoc will be upon us again. But I kinda feel like it might just be a bit too much work. We'll see. As for a separate life filter, it would be a moot point since my life rants are sometimes quite much fandom related.
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Your Ego is Very Small

You don't have a high opinion of yourself. You're happy with who you are, but you don't feel special.

You believe you're just like everyone else. You aren't more unique or more deserving.

While it's good to be humble, make sure you don't sell yourself short.

You may not have a superiority complex, but there's nothing wrong with wanting to better yourself.

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You Are 86% Feminine, 14% Masculine

You are totally in touch with your feminine side.

Chances are, you are a very typical woman.

And if you're a guy, then you're just super sensitive.


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