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And now it's over.

The book was... I don't quite have no other opinion than 'good' and 'dark' since I read it so fast. I'm now going through a more slower re-read that will undoubtedly open some of the bits to me I missed.

I so need to re-read and digest the last few chapters since I was a bit confused over certain things.

And now I realized that the read through starts tomorrow, darn it. I was to spend some time studying today, ah well...
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OK, so it comes out in two days or something.. actually less. Will be out f the Net 'till then which ain't so hard as I'll be at my parents who don't have a connection... Grrr.

But come Saturday and DH!!!!! At the same time I'll be happy and sad since it's the last book.

Annoyed about hearing DH leaking into the Net on Tuesday. Can't people friggin wait?

I have my copy all reserved and dad will drive me to town Saturday morning so I can get my hands on it. No night selling in our town, darn it. But the Finland release is around 2 am so it's not so profitable I guess.

Have not yet seen OotP since I've been mostly sick the past 7 days.

Will squeal about DH next week when I come back to town. *insert squeal* Couldn't resist.

Am waiting eagerly for the read_hp read through of DH! Come 30.7! *cackle*

Can you tell I'm a bit over exited?
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Why can't it have been today?


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