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We were watching the news with roommie and one of the news items was.... *drummroll* That they are going to make a film, actually two, of Hobbit!!!

*insert insanely happy  fangirl activity here*

My only trouble with it is that it seems Peter Jackson won't be directing. But as long as he produces and as long as (pleasepleaseplease) Howard Shore does the music and Ian McKellen reprises his role I shall be happy. Oooh, wonder if Serkis will reprise his role too???

And no, it does not have Legolas in it... *sigh* But the whole thing will be some years in coming. It's nice, though, after DH I really had nothing to wait for all fangirlishly. Now I have. I'm almost as giddy as when I first read sometime back in -99 that they'd be doing LOTR.

YAY!!! *throws confetti all around*


Apr. 3rd, 2007 09:16 pm
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What are the odds of the Kusatta no Houteishiki update coming early (for me since it's already over 9 pm here, I don't know where the one who posts it is from but I'm guessing a few hours earlier than I am.. maybe, but it's beside the point) and my lovely brownies [profile] ziarah promised to send in exchange of the Potter I sent her arriving! OMG yay!

Though I do have one complaint: my own post-office where I had to pick the package from is like 3 km's away which is ridiculous, it even has a different postal code. I know it's all to do with them not having rooms where they're supposed to but it's utterly ridiculous since it's in a completely different part of town.. it might even be 4 km's from my apartment and it's supposed to be my local post! Well anyways  there's this hill I had to go up with my bike.. I'm so glad I don't live in that direction anymore since it killed me.

But main point: had both fav yaoi manga scanlation and chocolaty goodness today. Am glad. And I don't need to do one school-thing tomorrow.

One other squee-worthy thing yet. I was at my parents on sunday, watching tv when a commercial comes up. It was about ER starting on thursday. I was all like ER! OMG happy, it's been one of my favourite shows since who knows how long I think I started watching around 1994, so that's almost 13 years now. Season three I think it was, never kept account of the seasons when I was like 9. OMG, really it has been so long! Just shows how much I've liked the series to keep watching it this long. There was slight depression when George Clooney left the series and then Noah Wyle a few seasons back. But the writing is good and the new characters interesting. I'm especially fond of Neela and Ray. OMG, can't wait for thursday to come!!! And it was interesting that ER was one of the examples the writer gave when I read an article about fanfiction. She said that it's easier to write from a series that's not all-conclusive, that has gaps. Like Buffy or something, you know 'cult-stuff' kind of series. But with things like ER that are so tight-plotted, so closely knit together it's harder to try and write fanfiction because of the complexity and fullness of the characters. It was a really interesting article.

So that's all, will go and plan my big final paper on my current culture class, you'll be surprised by the subject!


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