Aug. 12th, 2007 01:11 am
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So I watched this documentary on Wed. about the Roman occupation in Britain in classical times. They talked about emperor Septimus Severus a lot.

Septimus Severus.

I was all 'Snape!' during the whole programme. Though they didn't pronounce it the same way as in HP, but the Latin way... Much more boring sounding.

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Clearly, the universe does not wish me to see OotP. The first time, when I was supposed to go to the premiere over two weeks ago I had a high fever and cough and couldn't go. This time around I had just left home for town and driven for about a half kilometer when my tire goes dead, I'd driven over some broken glass. So I had to walk my bike home and then walk about a kilometer to a bus-stop.

The movie was good. Mostly the other people were quiet except for the one idiot who'd left his cell on, it rang during the last ten minutes.

I'm not going to compare the book to the movie.

I enjoyed it. There were things missing, there were things there I liked seeing. In all it was a nice rendition of such a long book. Umbridge was brilliantly evil with all her pinkness, loved the kitties though. I disliked movie-Hermy in this one. Remus and Sirius didn't get enough screentime. I didn't even cry when Sirius died, I just felt hollow.

 I think that having already read DH affected my perception and way of how I felt about some characters.

I loved the visuals of this film.

But the Marauder Era flashback was way too short.

I miss Sirius.
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And now it's over.

The book was... I don't quite have no other opinion than 'good' and 'dark' since I read it so fast. I'm now going through a more slower re-read that will undoubtedly open some of the bits to me I missed.

I so need to re-read and digest the last few chapters since I was a bit confused over certain things.

And now I realized that the read through starts tomorrow, darn it. I was to spend some time studying today, ah well...
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OK, so it comes out in two days or something.. actually less. Will be out f the Net 'till then which ain't so hard as I'll be at my parents who don't have a connection... Grrr.

But come Saturday and DH!!!!! At the same time I'll be happy and sad since it's the last book.

Annoyed about hearing DH leaking into the Net on Tuesday. Can't people friggin wait?

I have my copy all reserved and dad will drive me to town Saturday morning so I can get my hands on it. No night selling in our town, darn it. But the Finland release is around 2 am so it's not so profitable I guess.

Have not yet seen OotP since I've been mostly sick the past 7 days.

Will squeal about DH next week when I come back to town. *insert squeal* Couldn't resist.

Am waiting eagerly for the read_hp read through of DH! Come 30.7! *cackle*

Can you tell I'm a bit over exited?
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Why can't it have been today?
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What Is Your HP Threesome?
by elschan
You Will ShagHarry Potter and Draco Malfoy

This made me ogle so much. I'd so jump into bed with these two.


Apr. 23rd, 2007 12:39 pm
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So, Kusatta ended. *sigh* But what an ending! I squeled and aww'd.

Also, I made my first 'potter!clothing' sighting on another person today. As I was coming home from the Uni I saw a girl with Gryffindor mitts.
Reminds me that I need to make myself a pair. And it also got me thinking about potter clothes as I trudged home with my heavy bags, my wellingtons splashing the puddles. I'm going to make a Gryffindor t-shirt for the OOtP premiere and the DH release. I'd do the whole uniform but don't have the money. I might make a lighter scarf, though. And I've been planning on knitting a tank top of sorts with the Gryffindor colours.

Ahh, Kusatta...

Also, had an exam this morning... Didn't go all that well. XD Gods I hated that course.
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What Harry Potter Trio Do You Belong In?

You belong in the Golden Trio! You're with Harry, Ron, and Hermione. You have all the adventures, and yeah, even though the Slytherins hate you, you have great friends!
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Was hoping for this, yay!
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Just watched the trailer.

Hmm.. Don't know what to expect. I did not like Harry's(Dan's) new hairstyle. I should be long, dammit..
And well, I'm not expecting the movie that much as I'm waiting for book Seven which according to some sources should come out in early July. And the movie's coming out on the 13th, well here in Finland it's propably a few days later... Or weeks. Azkaban came to theatres here almost a month later than in the rest of Europe.

Well... anyways. There are some parts I like about OoP(or is it just OP, or OotP??). But Sirius's death ain't among them. But it will have Sirius in it, yay!! But looking at the previous films the Department of Mysteries sequence with the Prophecy will propably have a chunk of the movie time. And ooh, just remembered, if George and Fred's leaving Hogwarts ain't in it..then..

But I'll propably get more and more hyped as the release date draws nearer. So I should propably start with my uniform soon. I'm going to go in costume and propably even read book Seven in costume too, just for the fun of it.


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