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Harry Potter Obsessed

61% Obsessed!

You are obsessed with Harry Potter and you are proud of it. You adore the books, have seen the movies a couple of times (even if you hated them) and own some of the merchendise. Your heart thumps a little louder when you hear the words; magic, Harry, or wizard. You visit a few internet sites regularly, and may have dabbled with fanfiction, however, you do have a life outside of Harry Potter. When your friends laugh at you and your Harry Potter posters you join in the joke, but you secretly wish that you could fly a broomstick.


Harry What? ~ You Like Harry Potter ~ Not Quite Obsessed .. But Close ~ Harry Potter Obsessed ~ Unnaturally Harry Potter Obsessed ~ Obsessive Harry Potter Disorder.

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Jul. 11th, 2007 11:29 pm
saraste: (ritsu)
I have a cold, in frigging mid-June! Life isn't fair. I hope it passes and I don't have to go to see OotP with my head feeling stuffed... Grr.
Damn country, the premiere's not until friday here. Though had it been today I wouldn't have made it. Will go to bed early today, hope I have no fever.


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