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The following is the very first piece of fanfiction I ever wrote for any fandom. But as it's based for an even then a bit less known online comic I'm not sure if it counts? My very fanfic for a bigger fandom, however, was Consequences which was started way back in 2006, I think this other one was done in fall 2004? I could try and dig it out but since the original original is on a floppy and as I have no computer to read it with... (I could check with our parents age old comp that dates back from -99 I think when I go there over the weekend, but no-one cares when I wrote this, right? Right?)

Anyway... It was done for FTLY, (For The Love of Yaoi... Yes it's really called that!XD A pun by the author, I'm sure!) which remains to the day one my all time favourite online comics and among the ones that have remained unfinished and which I miss greatly, others are Sublunary ,
(technology, genetics and boylove with sex!) which is a model example why you should never have a joint comic with half the cast your own and half someone else's and why you should never sleep with the artists (as I understood the case was, the creators were in a relationship and got into a big argument and the comic was put to ice and then came the quite lucrative looking offer for the comic to be made into a cartoon that didn't pan out and it now seems that the writer is writing the rest of the story out as a novella...) and Arcana, (vampires, boy love and bishounen) which too suffered an all too early demise.

Those three were three of the five shounen ai comics I read from summer 2003 onwards which is when I found online comics and the wonderful world of boy love. Other's were All Roses Have Thorns, (vampires in medieval England, or is it Scotland?...) which is still kicking and the other of the two online comics I still follow regularily, and the other was Boy Meets Boy, the comic that launched Sandra K. Fuhr into online comic fame, but her current comic, taking some of the BMB cast along, Friendly Hostility makes up for it ending.

I used to read a bunch of other online comics too in my time but the obsession had waned now. Can't see why... Maybe it's because manga is so easily available here now that I don't need to look for comics elsewhere? I want to get back into it.^^

But as for FTLY. It was great, we even got to the sex before it ended. Basically the comic was about a human mage, Tristyn, and an elf, Pader (who falls for Tristyn at first sight) and the comic is about them travelling about and Pader trying to get into Trisryn's past and trying to rid Tristyn of his curse. It all ended kinda in the middle but the creator, Maria Lorimer, has been promising to eventually get the rest of the story into novel format as her studies and rl permit. As a neat fact I met one of my dearest friends, [profile] sara_the_lazy, over at the FTLY forums way back in 2004...

So here it is. The fic stands pretty much on its own, so no need for knowing the original is really needed.


Feb. 19th, 2008 12:12 pm
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My fan fiction can be found outside of lj at Adultfanfiction and .

My fanfics at LJ are posted to various comms and most can be found on my new writing journal [ profile] saraste_fiction , it also houses my original fiction. I have a visual journal for my art at [ profile] cherryprint .

I mod for [ profile] inumir , [ profile] koumiro , [ profile] sesshymiroku ,[ profile] inuyasha_mpreg ,[ profile] feudalthreeways  and [ profile] 30crossdressed (Can you see a pattern here?*giggle*) If they tickle your fancy, I do recommend checking them out.


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